Render onto Painted Surface:

When rendering onto a painted surface it is important to a product with the correct rate of absorption and level of adhesion. Failure to do so can result in peeling or cracking render.

The system below is a step-by-step guide for rendering onto a painted surface.


The first step in this system is to use our MIKROS 001 wall primer. MIKROS 001 is a water microemulsion primer that can be absorbed into most surfaces, either painted, dusty or unstable. This ‘seals’ the surface ensuring your render will stick to it effectively. We recommend applying MIKROS 001 by hand using a roller or brush and depending on the surface, can be diluted to go twice as far.


A96 is the perfect product to use when going onto a painted surface. This polymer-based basecoat works equally well as an adhesive, giving an excellent stick on paint. We recommend applying A96 either by hand using a trowel or spraying with a spray gun.


After the application of the 1st Basecoat layer, Fassanet160-Mesh will need to be embedded whilst the basecoat is still wet. The purpose of using a render mesh is to reinforce the surface layer and to help prevent hairline cracks.


A 2nd Basecoat layer of A96 is to be thinly applied over everything. This is to level and smooth the surface again before you can move onto your final stages.

Step 5: PRIMER.

Once your basecoat is dried you will then need to apply FX526, our pigmented primer undercoat designed to go on top of cement-based renders. FX526-Primer can be mixed in up to 365-colours, making it the perfect primer to create a uniform surface before topcoat application. Just remember to dilute with a minimum of 5% water before rolling onto the surface.

Step 6: TOPCOAT.

Now your primer has been applied to the surface, you can move onto the final stage and use our RX561 silicone topcoat. RX561 comes in 1.5mm grain and can be mixed in up to 365-colours, making it the perfect decorative but protective topcoat. RX561 can provide you with a long-lasting finish due to its flexibility and hydro-phobic properties. Can be applied by hand or spray gun.

Before using any Fassa Bortolo products or systems, we always advise checking the data sheets available on our website.